2011 Car Craft Summer Nationals
Once again the automotive world centered around the Twin
Cities this past month, and once again our club had a great time.

A big thanks to John D and Craig who secured our parking area
again this year. It’s a really good spot with the open grassy area,
quieter road, and shade. We did get a boost in visibility this year
since they moved the Dyno Challenge to the other end of the
street so a lot more people had to walk past.

Speaking of more people, I would like to thank the new members
who joined and hope they will join us at the next cruise, show, or
garage session. Get on those forums and introduce yourselves!

The weather was a factor most of the weekend. It was really hot
Friday and then Saturday we got a break. Strong winds and rain
washed away a good chunk of the morning and almost made
Jamie’s El Camino a casualty, but cleared by lunchtime. Sunday
morning brought cool and clear weather, but more hot sun by

In fact, the most comfortable weather of the weekend was
probably hanging out with the “Dawn Patrol” at 3am on Como
Ave. It’s a tradition for some of the club members-come for it
next year!
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