Bret Berg & the Crew
of "MoneyMaker"
NCC member Craig "Pushrod" S. has a connection through a neighbor to Bret. After a
short conversation Bret agreed to host our November 2011 meeting over at his
"engine/tuning" shop.

We arrived around 11:00am, called the meeting to order and took care of Club business.
After a pizza lunch we turned the gathering over to our host, and he explained a bit
about the 3 machines in the shop. Then there was a Q&A session.

One of the Q's was "Could you fire up one of these bad boys??"
"Well, I guess so" was the reply.

Two Thousand plus alcohol fueled horsepower lit off in a concrete room with a tin
ceiling was AWESOME!!!
This was truly the definition of "One mans music is another mans noise" - and this was a
symphony of barking/crackling exhaust and concussive hammer hits to your chest... and
that was just at idle. A few short blips on the throttle brought ear to ear smiles and tears
to the eyes of the entire crowd. (I don't know if the tears were emotional or from the
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Bret and the Crew would like to thank:  LG Seeds, Agri-Tec, and Crop Revenue Consultants for their sponsorship!