Northstar Chevelle Club
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Cruise to "Elmer's", in Wisconsin
(Nope, nothin' for sale...)
Future Barn Find for
someone... A Club
Member has a stubborn
relative who has now
entombed this Heavy in
the barn - WALLED IT
OFF!! ("Nope,
not for sale
- If I can't enjoy it, nobody
Club Members "save" a Chevelle 1980's time-capsule. The "Silver Mullet" rides again.
Member Dave S. got the car safe, dependable, and back on the road!! The member/owner
(who has limited skills and space) hired Dave to do the job. When other members had the
time, we pitched in and did what we could. One more saved!!
"Project Bisqwik" - Member Karl D's
Biscayne. We did a frame-swap in a few
hours at his shop (Crystal Lake Automotive)
during our January meeting.