Brian Flattem - 1972 Chevelle
new engine
I bought my 1972 Chevelle from my wife's aunt in the summer of 2000. She had
parked it next to the garage in East St Paul sometime in the mid 1980s, put a blue
tarp over it, and left it until I bought it for $1800. It was on rotted tires and had
sunk into the ground a little. I had to dig out spots to get a jack underneath to put
spare tires on it. (car as I found it and engine)

I threw a complete tune up, fluid flush, and battery at it, and was able to drive it
the following week. I soon realized that it was pretty much unsafe to drive as it
was, so I parked it and started plans for it's rehabilitation. I yanked the engine
and trans, cleaned up the engine compartment and rebuilt the front suspension
with a complete kit from PST. I also came across a 72 Monte Carlo parts car, so I
converted to factory disc brakes. and saved the AC and dash stuff for the SS dash
conversion later (done in 2006). My new engine was a core from a 1999 Chevy
Express van. It's a 5.7L 4 bolt main. I had to resize a rod, and have the crank
ground, but was able to only hone the cylinders instead of boring it. I added a GM
HOT cam kit, cleaned up the Vortec heads, and topped it off with an Edelbrock
RPM AirGap intake, Holley 750 carb, and a completely rebuilt HEI distributor.
(original engine I built):

The tranny is a 1992 suburban 4L60/700R4 that was rebuilt using all the good
stuff. I finished off the suspension with SouthSide Machine bars, Helwig front and
rear sway bars, and added an Eaton 4.10 posi unit out back. The wheels are
vintage American Racing Torq-Thrust 15x7 and 15x10 with 275/60R15 tires. I
converted to a factory staple shifter and console for a sportier look.

In 2006, I converted to the SS dash with gauges. I also completely stripped the car
from the front seats to the firewall and added Hushmat and made sure the HVAC
box worked properly.

In the spring of 2008, I decided to put my plan of an EFI conversion in place.
Starting with a Holley Stealth Ram intake, we used mostly all GM parts to add
fuel injection to my car. I used Accel 30# injectors, a Chevy truck factory wire
harness, AC Delco sensors, and relays, and a computer from a Chevy Corsica with
a reprogrammed 1992 Corvette chip. I used a new Spectra fuel tank with a sump
welded in, a Walbro electric fuel pump, and Russell fuel lines for feed and return
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factory staple shifter
SS dash
EFI engine build up
EFI engine
rear view
side view
side view
side view
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