Chad L - '72 Chevelle
My dad and I had always had a dream of redoing an old car
together.  My dad passed away when I was in my late 20’s and
that dream died.  I lost all interest in going to car shows and gave
up on the thought of ever having a car because it made me think
of losing my dad.

Dave Jacobson, an MSRA member told me that I should take
my son to Back To The 50’s (like my dad with me).  I decided
to take Logi.  We sat on the curb with a hotdog and coke and
watched the cars go by.  Logan asked me, “Why can’t we get a
car Dad?”  I said, “I didn’t have enough money.”  He said, “Sell
your snowmobiles.”  That is exactly what I did.

My family and I went to the St. Peter Auto Restorers Car Show
and found a '72 Chevelle that needed to be redone.  My uncle,
cousin, the kids and myself worked on the car the first winter
restoring the body and the second winter we changed out the

The man who owned the Chevelle bought it right before he was
drafted into the Vietnam War.  He died serving our country. His
wife left the car in storage in a barn in Northern MN for many
years and finally decided it was time to sell it.

I would like to hand the Chevelle down to my kids one day.
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