Jon & Bonnie H - '69 Convert
After high school, I owned and later, regrettably, sold a '69 Plymouth Road
Runner, 383 CI, bucket seat, 4 speed car in the early 70's.  After our daughter was
grown, it was time to get back into a car.

After going through a '65 Mustang and a C3 and C4 Corvette, we started looking
for a '69 Camaro and luckily found our '69 Chevelle convertible.  It is a '69
Chevelle convertible, bucket seat car, with an L78, 396 CI, 375 HP motor, a turbo
400 tranny, and a 12 bolt rear end.  The car went through a frame off restoration
in the mid 90's in St. Louis area, owned by several wholesalers and was owned by
a gentleman in South Carolina when we found it.  Unfortunately it had lived a
hard life since restoration.  We got it home, put it in the garage and gutted the
interior.  The floor pan was painted and the interior was either cleaned or
replaced.  Much of the original wiring was bad so a lot of it was replaced.  The
paint needed a lot of buffing and polish.  Too much blue, so my wife and I put on
the side stripe (a real test of a marriage).  Other minor mechanical modifications
and it is what it is today.  
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