Michael S - '71 Malibu
I’ve had my ’71 Malibu for 18 years.  It sat the first 3 years and again the last 9.

   I Would like to get it back on the road again, but would also like to make some
major changes.  When I bought the car it was a rolling shell with a bunch of
interior pieces.
   The interior still needs headliner, package tray, carpeting and sill plates.  The
exterior isn’t a real paint job but more like glorified primer.
   Currently has 350/350 combo.  The motor was never on the dyno but on the
computer versions comes up with between 425 -450 hp.  I put in a 12 bolt posi
with Auburn carrier and 3.73 Richmond gears and hooked it to the car via an Art
Morrison tubular suspension.
   I’ve enjoyed working on it and driving it over the years and hopefully will do so
again soon.  All of the club members and their rides are good sources of
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side view
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