Rod L. - '68 El Camino
I am a new member and have not been to a
meeting yet, but I hope to do soon.

Right now at this stage in my life I have
restored several cars and sold them, but I
always wanted an El Camino like my
grandfather had.

I would ride to work with him in the late 60’s
and always thought it was a cool ride, with
plenty of power for towing. We would hook
up to the horse trailer and go to Alexandria
or wherever there was a show.

My Grandfather was horse crazy, I mean
really, he had 6 to 7 of them all the time and
would sell and buy every year that I could

My brothers and I would train these horses in
barrels and pole weaving and he would sell
them as we got trophies from the horses. It
was a good life growing up somewhat rural
and having all that horsepower near home.

The El Camino  was such an everlasting
memory that I had to find one to restore. So
I am sharing these photos, an undone 1968 El
Camino, grotto blue, with a 396 bench seat &
column shift.

I hope to be cruising this summer in it.
Thanks for looking and have a great 2012
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