Scott P - '67 Chevelle Wagon
This is my '67 Chevelle wagon. I built it to do everything well - acceleration,
handling, braking...even fuel economy.

It was a daily driver while I lived in Southern California and I started fixing it
up as soon as I moved here in late 04. It finally hit the road reliably this
summer, and I'm still finishing up some little details to make it more of a
pleasure to drive.

The engine is a 383 small-block with AFR CNC-finished 215cc heads, a Comp
Cams solid roller cam, RPM Air Gap intake, and a Demon 675 carb.

The transmission is a T56 from Rockland Standard that they upgraded to
handle 750 hp. I chose a Centerforce DF clutch and a Hurst shifter.

The rear axle is a Currie 9-inch Ford with a nodular center section, 3.89:1 gears,
and rear disc brakes.

The rear suspension is all Hotchkis stuff, with adjustable QA1 shocks.

The front suspension consists of ATS A/FX spindles, SC&C upper control
arms, and stock lower control arms. The front brakes are Baer's 13.5-inch
drilled rotors with 6-piston calipers.

The wheels are by Edelbrock, and measure 17x8 all around.

The car is a blast to drive, and I recorded 20 mpg during the drive to Car Craft
Nats to meet and join the Club. I haven't been down the dragstrip with it yet,
but I will.

It's been a fun project and I want to keep working on it until I get it to deliver
11-second quarter mile times, pull 1G in the corners, and deliver 20-plus mpg
on the freeway and do so comfortably. The car spent it's entire life in California
before I brought it here, so it's solid.

I chose to give it a '60s flavor and style. I love the Trans-Am cars of the '60s,
and I am trying to give this car some of the competition flavor those great cars
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