James L
1966 SS Chevelle
I bought my 1st Regal Red
66 SS in October of 1965
after the car I was driving
broke down on 494 near
where the Carlson Towers
are now located.

Went back home to
Buffalo, walked into
Christensen Chevrolet and
there sat a Red SS
Chevelle with the
black/white interior. Went
to the bank, got the money
and bought the car for
around $3033 that day and
drove it home.  In the
summer of 68 got my draft
notice. Thinking Vietnam I
put a for sale sign on the
car and sold it that same

Fast forward to 2004, I
have been looking for a
Red 66 SS and found one
for sale in May and payed
too much but it was the
right car, with the right
color and interior
combination that I was
looking for. My intention
was to try to restore the car
to how it came from the
factory as much as possible
within my budget.

I Drove the car though the
summer and the engine
performed well but had a
lot of vibration so a winter
project was on hand.
Transmission rebuilt by
George Hammer, driveshaft
yokes replaced and
driveshaft balanced, rear
control arms
stripped/painted and new
bushings, and a 66 rear
axle assembly that was
stripped and painted  
replaced the wider 70
assembly that was in the
car when I bought it.  I also
was able to find an original
Holley Carb for a 66
360HP/STD Trans and find
a 66 air filter, cover,and
base. Car goes down the
road smoothly anywhere
from 0-UP.

When I got the car it had
the wrong interior as the
cowl tag indicated
black/white so the winter
project for 05-06 was a
new interior. Dennis Hateli
at Hateli Upholstery and I
did the headliner and seats.
I did the painting and door
panel work. The original
rear speaker was put back
into operation. Hate those
AM talk radio stations but
that's what the car came
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As of now everything works and is stock The car is optioned as it came from the
factory as far as I can tell. Muncie M20 4 speed with console and clock, Gauge
Package, AM Pushbutton radio/rear speaker, Deluxe Seat Belts, Black/White Interior
with Strato Bucket Seats, Tinted Windshield, PS,PB, 3:55 Posi Rear, L34 Option.  
The engine compartment is pretty much as it was in Dec of 65, according to vin and
build date this could have been a Christmas Eve car. The block is a CE replacement
block. The heads, intake, exhaust manifolds, flywheel housing, water pump,
distributor,  etc. are date and casting number correct.  

Car looks exactly as the one I bought in Oct of 65 except for the rim and tires. I have a
set of 66 dog dish caps and a set of 66 full wheel covers but can't make up my mind on
redline bias or redline radials.

This winters' project: possibly replace the exhaust system, rims and tires and clutch