John D - '65 El Camino
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1965 El Camino
In October of '08, John was
attending the last cruise of the
season in Hastings MN. There
was a '65 for sale. Just had to
have it. The day I wrote the
check......   ---------->>

After owning less than a week
(not one to ever leave well
enough alone) he started
taking it apart. The intake had
a serious leak. Got a good
look at the innards though...

For whatever reason the car
had a '64 bezel. That had to
go... so a new '65 bezel, and
a AM pushbutton radio.

The original rear-view was
cracked, so some
imagineering and a boneyard
piece produced this new one.

John already had a completely
rebuilt suspension setup on the
'64 (Polygraphite bushings,
new linkage, fast-ratio box,
4wh disc brakes, boxed rear
arms, etc.) but that car wasn't
driveable any longer... The
suspension on the "new" '65
was pretty much wiped out,
so a swap was in order...
Along with some nice new
pieces from
After several months of work,
modification, and additions
Click on pics below for full size of how the car looks today
On the autocross track at 2009 Car Craft
The Autocross & Car Craft in 2009 convinced me
I needed more power (my entry/info's still in the
window!) Out with the
original 327, and in with
the mystery motor in plastic! (still a "small" block).
Ran the 2010 season with the "mystery" motor (A 383/TH350 combo I built in the late '80's!),
which was a huge improvement over the 327/Pglide, but never to leave well enough alone....
For 2011 a '96 LT-1 & 4L60e! I'm giving up a few cubes, and some HP, but the economy,
drive-ability, and challenge will be worth it!
On the autocross track at 2010 Car Craft